Continuously enhancing water supply and service quality, Air Selangor is committed to delivering the best customer experience

Bearing the responsibility of supplying water to over 9.1 million consumers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Putrajaya, Air Selangor places consumers’ needs at the forefront, persistently striving to deliver the best customer experience.

With a vast consumer base, Air Selangor inevitably receives a substantial amount of consumer feedback and enquiries. Traditional customer service hotlines or counter services alone are no longer sufficient to address consumer issues promptly, potentially leading to prolonged disruptions in water supply services.

Air Selangor is committed to providing consumers with the optimal service experience, minimising the impact on water supply services, and maintaining effective and timely communication to build stronger relationships. To address various consumer concerns, the company utilises multiple channels, including the official website, mobile app, call centres, social media, customer service counters, and self-service kiosks (limited to Kuala Lumpur and for selected payment services). These channels offer consumers convenient and swift ways to provide feedback, seek information, and make enquiries.

Upon receiving feedback or enquiries, Air Selangor aims to resolve issues as well as implement necessary interventions and improvements. Additionally, after resolving and closing cases, SMS notifications are sent to the relevant consumers to prevent any unfavorable experiences due to prolonged waiting.

Engaging Consumers Across Multiple Platforms

Air Selangor mobile application has been downloaded more than three million times. Within the application, the Help Centre received 188,081 enquiries and call center has handled 1,209,333 hotline calls, and the customer service counters welcomed 363,103 consumers for enquiries.

To establish closer connections with consumers, Air Selangor consistently expands its communication platforms. Currently, the company’s social media accounts, such as the Facebook page with 382,590 followers, X (formerly Twitter) with 75,019 followers, and Instagram with 34,316 followers, serve as convenient platforms for customer interaction.

In 2021, the adoption of Robotic Process Automation technology enhanced the service level of the customer service centre. The service level increased from 90% in December 2021 to 93% in 2022. 

The functionality of the Air Selangor application continues to advance, aiming for an elevated standard of customer experience. In 2022, Air Selangor app allows customers to delete their accounts in compliance with data protection laws. This commitment to customer privacy and convenience extends to both registered and unregistered customers, who can enquire about the progress of their complaints through the Help Center.

In addition, Air Selangor realise the need to involve the wider community in order to achieve further reduction of NRW (Non-Revenue Water), culminating with the Leak Reporting Campaign that was launched in August this year. This campaign encourages consumers and staff to report any leaks, including pipe leaks, pipe bursts, meter leaks, and suspected illegal water tapping, through the newly added “Report Leaks” feature in the Air Selangor app.

With this new feature and campaign, Air Selangor can promptly identify and rectify leaks, thereby reducing water resource losses and promoting sustainable resource utilisation.

In the same year, Air Selangor obtained ISO 18295-2:2017 certification for its contact center. This certification motivates the company to strive for more robust and efficient management of the customer service center, consistently meeting consumer expectations.

Enhancing Employee Customer Service Skills

In Air Selangor, customization is key to helping employees learn and improve their support for consumers, delivering an overall more satisfactory service and customer experience. With that, Air Selangor carries out physical engagement through customer outreach program as part of the customer experience’s initiative to deliver a more exceptional customer experience and enhance long-term relationships with consumers.

Furthermore, Air Selangor integrates its complaint system through the official website and app. Customers now have multiple channels to submit enquiries, applications, view the progress of their submissions, and raise issues related to bills, water meters, and other water supply services.

Air Selangor continues to elevate the quality of customer experience to better meet the needs of consumers in water supply. To learn more about how Air Selangor is enhancing service quality, visit the official website at

Article Published in Oriental Daily on 1 February 2024.