Regular Maintenance and Upkeep of Water Supply Assets Ensures Continuous and Stable Water Supply Services.

Water is a fundamental necessity for all. Recognizing this reality, as the largest water services provider in the country, Air Selangor plays a crucial role in distributing clean and safe treated water to 9.3 million consumers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya through a network of pipelines spanning 30,886 kilometers.

The occurrence of water supply disruption is often associated with pipe burst. Repairing these pipes requires water supply to be halted, inevitably leading to unscheduled water supply disruption at times for major repairs. Therefore, to ensure the continuous distribution of clean and safe water, Air Selangor also prioritizes the improvement and regular maintenance of assets.

The Importance of Maintaining and Repairing Water Supply Assets

Just like a car, ensuring its smooth operation and preventing unforeseen breakdowns requires regular maintenance. The same applies to all assets of Air Selangor, as each asset has its own lifespan and needs timely maintenance to prevent unforeseen breakdown.

Therefore, by proactively conducting maintenance work on water treatment plants, pipes, reservoirs, pumping stations and sampling stations, Air Selangor can further strengthen its services.

By carrying out maintenance and upkeep, Air Selangor can avoid unforeseen circumstances such as unscheduled water supply disruptions, thus preventing unnecessary impacts on consumers. Additionally, maintaining and repairing water supply assets allows Air Selangor to detect potential issues and prevent situations from worsening

These measures also help to prevent unexpected pipe bursts, ensuring that the daily activities of Air Selangor’s 9.3 million consumers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya are not disrupted.

The process of asset improvement and maintenance

While the work of asset improvement and maintenance is crucial, it is inevitable that water supply will be affected during the execution of work. Therefore, before commencing scheduled maintenance work, Air Selangor must first submit a comprehensive plan to Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN).

Once the plan is approved, Air Selangor will notify users 14 days prior to the commencement of the work. Issuing this notification is essential to allow affected consumers to have ample time to store water to meet their daily needs during the period of disruption. Air Selangor will also regularly update the progress of the work to ensure it is completed within the scheduled time frame. This includes the current status of ongoing work, estimated time of recovery, and so on.

Consumers can also stay informed about the latest updates in water supply disruptions due to scheduled maintenance work through Air Selangor’s website, Air Selangor’s mobile application, Facebook page, Instagram, and X.

When scheduled or unscheduled water disruptions occur, Air Selangor will provide alternative water sources to the affected areas through the deployment of mobile water tankers. The company will prioritize critical facilities such as hospitals, dialysis centers, and funerals.

Enhance daily operations to ensure sustainable water supply

To achieve the vision of becoming the leading water service provider in Asia by 2030, Air Selangor is committed to providing the best experience for its consumers. Through continuous efforts to enhance water supply assets, the goals of increasing water reserves and improving the efficiency of water treatment plant operations can be achieved.

These efforts can also reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW) to ensure sustainable water supply. Additionally, Air Selangor hopes that the public can use water more efficiently and conservatively to ensure the conservation and protection of raw water sources.

Air Selangor also encourages users to actively report pipe leaks or meter malfunctions so that the company can identify and repair leaks more quickly. This also helps reduce unnecessary water wastage, thereby preserving its sustainability. Explore for more information about how to report leaks. Plus, you will also stand a chance to win a Touch ‘n Go top-up pin worth RM5!

Article Published in Oriental Daily on 21 May 2024.