Strategically replacing more than 5600 kilometers of pipes is crucial for reducing Non-Revenue Water and enhancing water supply effiency

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is one of the long-term challenges faced by water services provider such as Air Selangor. As the largest water services provider in Malaysia, Air Selangor has initiated a 30-year ‘Pipe Replacement Programme’ to ensure more reliable and sustainable water supply infrastructure for its 9.3 million consumers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Pipe Replacement Program

After years of continuous use, aging and deterioration of water supply facilities become inevitable. Air Selangor has discovered from the significant amount of non-revenue water that the issues stemming from old infrastructure are extremely severe. What’s even more alarming is that 55% of the damaged pipes due to aging were installed and put into use as far back as the 1980s.

Therefore, the initiation of the “Pipe Replacement Programme” by Air Selangor is not only aimed at replacing aging and outdated pipes but also at enhancing the efficiency of the water supply system.

The programme began in 2016 with plans to replace 150 kilometers of pipes annually. Subsequently, the goal was raised to replace more than 5600 kilometers of old pipes in 30 years. As of March 2024, Air Selangor has replaced 636.55km kilometers of pipes.

The Pipe Replacement Programme underscores Air Selangor’s commitment to providing consumers with reliable, sustainable, and efficient water supply services while also striving to reduce non-revenue water. Replacing old pipes with new ones is intended to improve the efficiency of water supply services.

In addition to upgrading water supply facilities to prevent wastage of water resources, Air Selangor has also launched the ‘Leak Reporting Campaign,’ encouraging the public to report incidents of pipe leaks through the Air Selangor app. This initiative is a crucial part of reducing non-revenue water.

The Leak Reporting Campaign

Air Selangor recognises that greater community involvement is essential to significantly reduce non-revenue water. Therefore, they have launched the Leak Reporting Campaign.

The aim of this campaign is to encourage people to report various leakage incidents, such as pipe leaks, bursts, meter leaks, and illegal tappings, using the “Report Leaks” feature in the Air Selangor app.

Since the launch of the Leak Reporting Campaign, it has received positive responses from the public, resulting in over 15,000 verified cases related to leaks as of December 2023. This initiative, driven by active participation from the community, enables Air Selangor to promptly identify and address issues, preventing further instances of non-revenue water and reducing water loss to promote sustainable.

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Through these efforts, Air Selangor demonstrates its dedication to providing sustainable and resilient water supply services for the future. It also encourages everyone to participate, thereby playing a more proactive role in safeguarding the security of water sources for both current and future generations.

Article Published in Oriental Daily on 9 May 2024.