Man Made Marvels – The Rasau Water Supply Scheme by Discovery Asia

Serving its 9.1 million consumers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Air Selangor, the largest water services provider in Malaysia, recognises the challenges posed by urbanisation and climate change that could affect water sustainability for its growing demands in getting clean and safe treated water supply.

Its Rasau Water Supply Scheme, a mega water treatment plant project, aims to diversify water sources then lead to securing a reliable water supply in the future. Upon completion by 2030, this visionary project is anticipated to contribute to a substantial increase of 1,400 million litres of treated water per day, demonstrating its capabilities as a formidable solution to urbanisation and climate change.

Wanna know more on how engineering excellence for the future water management in Malaysia through this mega project, watch “Man Made Marvels – The Rasau Water Supply Scheme” by Discovery Asia.

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