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Instilling awareness among youths on water conservation is important

Instilling awareness among youths on water conservation is important. During our recent Sepang Region School Engagement Programmes, we shared the significance of water as a valuable resource in daily routines and how practicing water conservation could contribute to securing a sustainable water supply for all. More than 360 students, aged 10 to 12 years old, from SJK (C) Sepang, SJK (C) Wah Lian and SK Sungai Pelek in Sepang participated in these programmes. 

Besides that, we also engaged with the students by having hands-on demonstrations of water quality assessments as well as educating and sharing practical tips on water conservation with them during these programmes. Additionally, we carried out other fun activities such as quizzes, puzzles, as well as Boboiboy Air colouring competitions to attract the students to participate in the programmes.

We aim to have more engagement programmes in the future as part of our ongoing efforts that will foster a culture of water conservation among youths towards securing a sustainable water future for all. If you are interested in collaborating with Air Selangor for engagement programme or any water conservation activities, please email to Air Selangor’s Water Conservation Unit at


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