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Pipes Replacement – Kampung Cempaka

Through the engagement activity that we have conducted, Air Selangor recently held a briefing session regarding the upcoming Pipe Replacement Programme with the resident representatives of Kampung Cempaka, Petaling Jaya. The briefing allowed the local communities to better understand the roles and responsibilities of Air Selangor and the local authorities who are involved in the pipe replacement works in the impacted area.

This upcoming project will involve the replacement of two main pipes in the area which will affect the road users at Jalan PJU1/4D and Jalan PJU 1/11. This project will start on 16 October 2023 and is expected to be completed by 16 November 2023 to increase the quality of water supply and simultaneously improve the customer experience for the residents of Kampung Cempaka. Kampung Cempaka has about 9,000 residents with 1,030 households since it was built in 1970.

The briefing was attended by Air Selangor representatives, along with the resident representatives of Kampung Cempaka.

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