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River Care Air Selangor 2023

In conjunction with World Rivers Day, Air Selangor organised River Care Programme 2023 together with the residents of Kg. Batu 3, Semenyih to raise awareness and instil a sense of responsibility among the local community in protecting and conserving our rivers.

Several activities took place such as river clean up, bridge railing painting, and many other fun activities with the community members of Kg. Batu 3, Semenyih. The programme also saw the launch of Air Selangor’s HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) Week, which was officiated by Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ir. Abas Abdullah. Ir. Abas also presented Air Selangor’s contribution of Pandai’s premium package of online learning application to 55 SPM students in Kg. Batu 3, Semenyih under the Sesama Mara’s CSR programme.

Ir. Abas in his speech expressed his hope that Kg. Batu 3 residents who live near the Sungai Semenyih river basin can work together to combat river pollution activities such as illegal waste and untreated chemical waste dumping by reporting such activities to the authorities.