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Master Class: Makcik Roastmah

Makcik Roastmah’s first Master Class has started today! You will definitely learn while being entertained by Makcik Roastmah’s chatter on current water issues including the water treatment process. Curious on how Makcik Roastmah got the source of the information? Download the Water Handbook at now.
Makcik Roastmah also mentioned that you will stand a chance to win GrabPay Credits worth RM150, right? The question is: There are 3 challenges faced by the water industry. Name 2 of these challenges. (Hint: Answers are in the Water Handbook)
Submit your answers in the comment section of Air Selangor’s official Facebook. Only the first 10 people with the correct answer will be selected as winners. Terms and conditions apply.
Good luck!

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