Activities with the Local Communities in Ramadan

Initial post on 19 April 2023

We have carried out many activities in the month of Ramadan to strengthen our relationships with the local communities as well as to raise awareness on smart water consumption among consumers.

Among these activities are:

– the Selangor State Water Thimble Launching Ceremony 2023 with the Local Communities at Masjid Al-Falah, Jalan Kebun, Klang

– the Sesama Mara Corporate Social Responsibility programmes which were held at Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Kaseh Bonda (Rawang), Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim dan Miskin Baitu Saidati Khadijah (Gombak) and Rumah Penyayang Darul Ilmi Gombak – Asnaf & Anak Yatim (Kuala Lumpur). Essential food items such as flour, rice, canned food, milk and cooking oil were distributed to these charity homes under this programme.

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