Air Selangor Wins the IKM Laboratory Excellence Gold Award

Initial post on 7 December 2023

We are honoured to share that we won the Institut Kimia Malaysia (IKM) Laboratory Excellence Gold Award recently for our Sungai Semenyih Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Laboratory – marking an outstanding 15-year streak of consecutive achievements since 2008 for our Sungai Semenyih WTP Laboratory.

Alongside this journey of achievement, our Sungai Selangor Phase 2 WTP Laboratory also secured the IKM Laboratory Excellence award for 12 years, while the Sungai Labu WTP Laboratory for nine years. These accolades underscore our laboratories’ consistent dedication to providing top-tier testing services that adhere to local legislation, particularly in health, safety and environmental standards.

During the award-giving ceremony, the IKM Laboratory Excellence Gold Award was presented to our Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ir. Abas Abdullah, while the IKM Laboratory Excellence Award to our Acting Director/Head of Operations, Ir. Ainul Azhar Mohd Jemoner, and our Head of Water Quality, Ir. Zairi Bin Zainuddin.

We will continue to invest in expanding and transforming our laboratories to transcend conventional water analysis to advance water quality assessment, focusing on tracing compounds that could jeopardise raw water quality that can lead to water pollution. In delivering the best customer experience through our services of distributing clean and safe treated water, we remain committed to upgrading the quality and service in the field of water testing and analysis consistently from time to time.