Kita Jaga Air Challenge 2022 Launching

Air Selangor and Universiti Malaya (UM) recently launched the Kita Jaga Air Challenge 2022 which aims to spread awareness and educate students and UM staff on water-saving measures.

The competition is part of the MoU and MoA between Air Selangor and UM which consists of seven (7) weekly challenges such as reducing daily water consumption, using water-saving devices, and reducing their water footprint.

The launch of the competition was attended by Thavendran Loganathan, our Head of Risk Management, Prof. Ir. Dr. Shaliza Ibrahim, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), UM, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeeda Fatimah Mohamad, Director of UM’s Sustainability & Development Centre, as well as agencies and NGOs related to environmental conservation.

Interestingly, the competition was inspired by the Water Handbook, which was published by Air Selangor through the collaboration between our experts and academicians from UM. You can download our Water Handbook now at