Air Selangor – Leads the Way Towards Sustainable Water in Asia

Air Selangor, the largest water services provider in Malaysia and the third largest in the region, has set an ambitious goal to become the leading water service provider in Asia by 2030, while providing the best customer experience. Their vision and mission are also encapsulated in the company’s brand promise, ‘Joy In Every Drop’, signifying its unwavering dedication to infuse joy into every droplet, honouring water as the planet’s most cherished and invaluable resource.

Sustainable Initiatives: Preserving Water, Protecting Future At the forefront of this endeavour also lies Air Selangor’s steadfast commitment to sustainability, which is integral to its mission of delivering sustainable and reliable water supply to 9.1 million consumers. Aligning seamlessly with its core business strategy, Air Selangor has translated its sustainability agenda into a robust operational framework.

A standout among these initiatives is the Rasau Water Supply Scheme, designed to secure a sustainable supply of clean, treated water for future growth areas in the Greater Klang Valley, benefiting approximately four million consumers. The scheme features the innovative repurposing of nine ponds, covering an area equivalent to 650 football fields, to serve as the nation’s first dual-function off-river storages with a storage capacity of 42 mcm (million cubic metre) and 20 mcm, acting as both a vital raw water source and a flood mitigation system respectively.

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